Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

In any given field, there are experts who know the ins and outs of getting things done. The more knowledgeable the expert is, the better the result. Criminal Law is no exception. When your freedom is at stake, this is not the time to take on a Do-It-Yourself project.

Is my license automatically suspended after a DWI arrest?

No, your license is not automatically suspended. However, you MUST appeal the suspension within 15 days of your arrest. A hearing will be held to determine if the suspension is legitimate.

What good does a request for an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing do?

Mistakes are not uncommon. There are detailed requirements for suspending a Driver’s License. If the requirements are not met, the DPS may not suspend your license. The ALR hearing is the place to make that argument.

If my license is suspended for a DWI, can I get a license to drive to work?

In most cases, I can get you a restricted license, allowing you to drive to work, and to run errands. Each case is different, however. The law has many restrictions on how and when a restricted license may be granted.

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