Juvenile Law is a subcategory of Family Law. Although a type of criminal law, juvenile crime law only deals with under-age individuals, who are treated very differently than adults in criminal law, and have their own courts of law.
Minors under the age of 17 years, who commit a crime, or otherwise violate established rules and statutes, are identified as juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders, youthful offenders, or delinquent minors. Laws governing juvenile delinquency are largely enacted and regulated on a state by state basis. While an adult who violates a criminal statute receives a conviction, a juvenile will be “adjudicated delinquent”. Punishment can vary from a warning, to probation, to incarceration in the Texas Youth Commission detention facilities, or TYC. Some serious felonies can even incur adult prison time for certain juveniles.
The juvenile code determines the rules in taking a minor into custody, how the juvenile may be questioned, restitution orders, conditions of supervision and more. The juvenile is considered to be a resident of the state where the person who has legal custody of the minor resides.
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